Treat yourself to a boat rental in Greece

Who has not dreamed of renting a boat in Greece and escaping among the uncountable islets created over a turquoise sea? It is easy to find a boat rental, from Athens or the main Greek islands like Mykonos, Syros, Santorini or Corfu to cross in the Ionian Sea, in the Cyclades or in the path of Crete. Spring is a great season to sail in all the archipelagos and make your cruise in Greece with family or friends!

What type of boat to rent?

You will find several types of boat rentals in Greece, with or without skipper. Many ports and marinas are at your disposal, including on the islands. The most visited are Corfu, the Cyclades and the Dodecanese islands. You will find landing zones, stores for fueling, as well as stations for fuel and water.

Reasons to rent a boat in Greece

Here are some reasons why you will rent a boat to the Greek land as soon as possible. To make your stops true plunges in the history of ancient Greece.

The beaches

The beaches in Greece are not alike. They are plentiful and offer a varied range of landscapes - beaches with golden and powdery sand, unbelievable rocks carved by the sea. Some beaches in Greece are among the most unique in the world, visibly too beautiful not to discover them. Greece is also known for the maintenance, quality of its beaches, some of which are the cleanest in Europe. They are also frequently rewarded by the international ecological and tourism label of the Blue Flag.

The climate

The Greek islands enjoy a mild Mediterranean climate and sunny year-round. Summers are hot and dry with a blue sky as far as the eye can see. Between long hours of sunshine and very little rain, Greece cartels all the elements to live a fruitful summer vacation on-board a luxury yacht to rent.


Cooking diversity is of such an extra in the Greek Islands that you could enjoy something different every day for years. Over the course of your vacation on your luxury boat rentals greece , you will have the honor of discovering that each island has its own cheese and that each honey is also unique, thanks to the unique undergrowth of each island, and of course , no need to comment the fresh products of the sea that we find absolutely everywhere!

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