See what the waters of Ibiza have to offer

Ibiza is an idyllic place with clear waters, exceptional scenery and quiet and mild climate, dry and very sunny. Ibiza is also a destination known worldwide for its lively nights including street markets, outdoor cultural activities, musical shows. Take advantage of the boat rental ibiza to enjoy the vast beaches of fine sands, dune landscapes or tiny coves.

Discover Ibiza by boat

Although Ibiza is a perfect destination for partygoers, it is still attractive for families or couples looking for a unique nautical experience! A boat rental in Ibiza will allow you to move away from the crowd to enjoy the calas and wilderness of the island. It is also possible to reach the surrounding islands also less crowded! In the north of Ibiza, you will find the harbor of Sant Miquel much less animated than the port of Eivissa and which proposes in particular diving courses in order to explore the seabed.

Ibiza is an example of the interaction between the marine and coastal ecosystem. Indeed, with more than 200 km of extraordinary coastline and crystal clear waters, the island is an ideal place for scuba diving. There are 80 dive sites around this island. Ibiza boat rental is the best way to enjoy this activity. It also allows to go around the island and discover the wild natural sites. On board a boat, one can also contemplate the marvelous sunsets of Ibiza as well as the shooting stars.

Dive into a comfortable boat, step back and relax! Suspended between the sky and the crystal clear waters of Ibiza and Formentera, both in the sun and in the moonlight. Discover the white sand beaches and hidden coves nestled between high rocky shores.

So, you can rent boats for a few hours, to admire a breathtaking sunset in front of Cafe del Mar and Mambo, for a boat trip from Ibiza. For a weekend on board Of course, you can also rent a catamaran or sailboat for a full week to discover all the incredible coves of the islands of Ibiza.

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