A taste of luxury with a yacht charter rental

Voyager is the most fantastic experience of the world, but each route has its price. And when it comes to travel, the boat is never short of a destination, because the sea is always a good excuse to leave the land.

We will discover the yacht

The yacht is very famous for its design and its comfortable and luxurious facilities. It is the garden of the sea and even a visit from a yacht is not free. But we have gone further in this investigation and we will spend a night in a yacht. Of course, it is well placed at the port of the French Riviera, but the cabin is best for a 5 stars hotel room. One night in a yacht costs you 600 euros, with the comfort on board, you can tune a dinner on board with a few more tickets. This is equivalent to two-hour ride on a yacht, but if you have already planned a destination, it does not hurt to do it just once a year. Staying on a yacht charter is a privilege because it really feels like a luxury hotel.

We test this trip on a yacht

A visit from the yacht, we discover the luxury of a fleet with a team of 10 staff. When we pass our vacation at sea, we are alone in the world, and we can put loud music and it feels good. The yacht is really a place where we rest because it is equipped with a full staff. The trip is fabulous, because yes, it rises on a different landscape every morning. The billionaires are there because they just want to escape to the land and its problems, and this visit is just a living star. Customers are king here because they are paying money.

It's just wonderful to see the rocks surrounded by the blue sea, with no traffic noise, yes, it is relaxing and that's why we're here.

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