Food tradtions of northern Thailand

In northern Thailand, eating insects has become a tradition, to tell the truth, it has become a banal practice that all people apply in their daily lives. If you go into a market for example, you can see the displays of insects of all types that are good to eat. In addition, the salesmen do not hesitate to explain the modes of preparation or others in order to have a taste more to raise or, to succeed in the prepared dishes.

A tradition they share

For more than a century, Thai people have been known to be big insect eaters. According to them, these ingredients are the most essential to contribute to the proper functioning of the body and to consume all the nutrients that our body needs. At any time of the day, they eat without depriving themselves. Nothing more surprising besides, because insects can be prepared in any dish. Thus, even for the taste, the succulence and flavor of this product are in great demand. And for that, jiminis does not hesitate to put forward the secret recipes of this population without neglecting the various tricks and the ingredients to consider to have a more rich and rich dish.

Farms galore

Northern Thailand is known to be an exporter of edible insects around the world. In fact, this gastronomy has become very popular thanks to the many researches that prove that it is able to meet all the needs that the body needs but it can also satisfy young and old in terms of taste and greed. Farms are devoted to breeding different insects, of which only Thai know the secret. In any case, they do not hesitate to assert the fruit of their hard work and for this reason, they are very famous and in great demand in the world. Moreover, they know exactly which insects are edible or are able to provide such a nutrient. And the method they choose to feed these animals is the one that is perfect for the body. And with the collaboration of Jiminis, these ingredients will be easily within your reach and you will be able to enjoy the best dishes made with insects.

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