The spa helps eliminate toxins

Hot water is known for its vasodilator effect. Indeed, several scientific analyzes have shown that heat promotes the dilation of blood vessels, and allows the blood to better oxygenate the muscles. This process facilitates the elimination of toxins from the body. Improving blood circulation is also an important factor in regulating blood pressure.

The spa is an excellent ally against cellulite

According to an analysis published in 2005 in the scientific magazine "Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy", more than 85% of women in the world are affected by the problems of cellulite or being overweight. However, it is quite possible to remedy this problem by focusing on the jacuzzi spa as a long-term solution. In fact, hydrotherapy is very effective in erasing orange peel skin, and allowing overweight affected areas to firm up. For best results, it is often advisable to add anti-cellulite salts to the water. Thus, the stimulation of circulation, coupled with lymphatic drainage, will lead to the firming of tissues and the melting of fat. However, for overweight people, it is advisable to bet on regular sessions.

The spa soothes joint pain

The spa contributes to muscle relaxation, but it also helps to soothe certain aches and pains by means of the heat. It is therefore indicated to fight against stiffness, back pain and rheumatism. In addition, this method is also effective in relieving ailments related to the following pathologies:

- Arthritis
- Contractures,
- Stiff neck
- Muscle trauma.

On the other hand, the spa is particularly recommended for people who practice intense sports activities. It helps them recover very quickly after their workouts. This is because the heat helps to remove excess lactic acid, an organic acid responsible for muscle soreness. On the other hand, it is strongly recommended to have recourse to a physiotherapist or a specialist doctor if you suffer from serious pathologies.

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