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The water exercices to work on in a jacuzzi tub

Relaxation in a spa may be a true cure for the body after physical activity. Not only does it help recover strength and muscle tone, it is a soothing jacuzzi tub experience. The combination of hot water and jet air has a relaxing effect, so that muscle pain is minimized.

Muscles of the legs cool

After vigorous physical activity, relaxing the leg muscles is simple and pleasant in the spa: here is an exercise which can be tried immediately. If you are in the pool, click the bottom of the bench, raise your leg and kneel closer to you three times. Turn the hip on and do this exercise in five rows per hip.

Secure the neck and shoulders tension

Be sure that the shoulders are lined with water before joining the pool. Place yourself on the back of your seat and shift your shoulders from the front to the back with gentle circular motion.


It is best to do breathing exercises to relax the body at the end of all these tasks. Sit back, close your eyes, begin to breathe and gradually run out. You should start exercising outside after you have left the piscine, cover yourself up in a dry towel, lie down and take some time to relax, sweat down and regulate your blood pressure.

Thighs support

Stand directly in the water and take your skin one by one, adding power step by step, to muscularize the back of the thighs, buttocks, pumps and abdos. Four episodes for one minute. Small bonus: aerobics have no impact on rear and seams.

Arms and back tone

Follow this exercise, raise your arms straight forward, holds your hands to the ground, turn them out and shift them by opening up to a cross stance. Next, you can shift your arm straight forward and your hand to the floor. Then return by taking the reverse step to your original spot.

The above water exercise can be done while relaxing in your spa at home.

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