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Being at the right time and in the right place is what many of us are looking for a perfect trip. A minimum of preparation is required to make the most of your next vacation. Whether you are a lone traveler or an accompanied group, follow travel tips and good vacation plans. Find in this blog the detailed information of your next destinations to help you make the right choices. Discover without further delay the current trend of travel, the top destinations of the summer, the most popular tourist cities, the most peaceful and harmonious place in the world and the best safaris to do.

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Relive through my tickets my world tour in eight months and enjoy my tips and great deals, photos and videos to prepare for the trip of your dreams! This blog is a blog with the theme of travel. The blog includes tips, tips and tricks to guide you on your next trips. The blog also includes stories of adventures that will allow you to travel without moving from your sofa and why not embark on a new journey! But a blog is nothing without the motivation that readers can give us, so do not hesitate: Comment, like, share! I would always be there to answer you, thank you, and continue to write about our common passion.

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This blog is a way to tell everything. The galleys, like good plans. The favorites, like hated things. It's been years that I tell my adventures, and that I exchange with people. Whether on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, all means are good to share and especially to give the desire to travel. The desire to leave. The desire to discover. The desire to see something else. In short, the desire to open! If I can travel, why not you? It is not my purpose to moralize that you spend your money on the wrong things in the wrong places. I simply want to show you that travel is the best possible investment for everyone.

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